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SAMA82 - Please take a look at this brilliant charity who's aims and goals are simple, (and we quote from their website) The main objectives of SAMA (82) are simply stated. We intend to maintain and promote a sense of pride and comradeship among all veterans of the South Atlantic campaign, and to keep them in touch with each other in a manner which respects both individual privacy and personal requirements. We also want to establish and maintain contact with other organisations involved in the welfare of the armed forces, and ensure that due consideration is given to the interests of all Falkland veterans. SAMA (82) will also investigate for consideration, by an appropriate organisation, any case of hardship or distress amongst South Atlantic veterans in which direct financial assistance is sought or recommended. Finally, and perhaps most importantly for the majority of SAMA (82) members, we desire most strongly to maintain and strengthen links with the people of the Falkland Islands. We at Baxters Battlefield Tours fully back this charity and will donate yearly from our profits to them. We are also proud to be an Associate Member of SAMA 82

 Museum Of Army Chaplaincy - A fantastic museum Housed in the converted old stable block of Amport House, the Museum of Army Chaplaincy tells the story of Army Chaplaincy from earliest times to the present day with the help of archive material and historical relics from several centuries.The Museum of Army Chaplaincy houses the archives and historical relics of RAChD and it’s chaplains, and unlike most military museums does not include any weapons or ammunition, since the chaplains are non-combatant and their work is to sustain not destroy. The Museum displays cover six themes: Faith in Captivity; Celebrating the Faith; Faith in service of Peace; Faith under Fire; Faith in Uniform and Teaching the Faith. Displays include poignant Far East POW items, Church silver and furnishings, uniforms and the stories of the four chaplains who have been awarded the Victoria Cross. We fully back this project and £10 from every booking from our "Faith Under Fire" tour will be donated to the museum.

Portsmouth WW1 Research Project - This huge project aims to create a database of all those who served in WW1 from Portsmouth, whether they fell or survived, all are to be included. Please check out this amazing project! Also check out our joint 2017 tour "Pompey Remembers" with the creator of this project Alan Laishley. Full details can be found on its dedicated page on our home screen.

The Rifles Collection - This is by far the one of the best regimental museums we have ever visited. Its dioramas, information boards and general displays draw you in and immerse you in a regiment full of history and honours. The Rifles Collection, situated in the heart of Winchester, offers a fascinating insight into the story of the largest infantry regiment of the British Army. You will find yourself drawn into their history and exciting campaigns, and find out what it is like to be a Rifleman, including trying on their uniform and battle armour! Packed with personal items and individual soldiers’ accounts, it is a meaningful experience for all to enjoy and explore. Highly recommended for families or professional historians alike.

Socks And Chocs - Please take a look at this fantastic charity set up to help those on the streets whatever their story is that put them in that situation. The following is taken from their website -

A lot of people doing a little, is better than a few people doing a lot. That’s the motto of ex armed serviceman Ian Northcott (AKA the “Busking Bobby”). In 2010 he decided he wanted to do something to help the homeless people of Birmingham – and that’s where Socks and Chocs began.

The aims or “Objects” of Socks and Chocs Group are:

To relieve hardship and distress among homeless people and among those in need who are living in adverse housing conditions.  In particular but not exclusively by:

  • The provision of essential items such as bedding, toiletries and clothing.
  • Funding essential health needs which is not already readily accessible such as foot care;
  • By funding short term emergency accommodation particularly (but not limited to) times of cold or otherwise inclement weather.

One part of what we do is to inspire collections of socks , chocs, sleeping bags and gloves all over the country so you can deliver to a homeless centre in your own community. We also run our “Big Push” from September to Christmas to ensure homeless centres have supplies for the winter.

We also run a B and B project to offer short term accommodation for people which is administered via Midland Heart.  We need money for this.  Please do contact us about donating money to Socks and Chocs – as many schools and colleges did last year.

The team do what they do because they can and because they want to

Fisher Patton And The Red Baron

- Take a look at this fantastic family run company who will deal with all your military and regimental memorabilia, if they haven't got it, its not worth having!

Cain & Beer Limited - For all your accounting and book keeping needs. Look no further than this brilliant company for all your accounting needs, they do all the work, leaving you to get on building, improving and doing what you do best as a company!

Mercian Nordic Walking - We have teamed up with this fantastic company to bring a new side to battlefield tours. In joining MNW we bring fitness, fun, and history to a whole new audience. Take a look at the below and why not get involved! The following is quoted from their website -

Mercian Nordic Walking is, quite simply, a health club without walls.  We offer all manner of activities based around the fantastic concept of NORDIC WALKING and nearly all walks start or finish at a cafe or pub where members have a good natter! This is why people stick with it. In fact it is just like being a member of a gym or health club but we just don’t have premises.  Instead we believe variety is the spice of life and regularly change where we meet. All our meeting places are local (apart from the full day walks) and are convenient.                                    

Our “club” regularly holds social evenings, events and away days and all are welcome. As a bonus we happen to get fit at the same time.

Mercian Nordic Walking was started by Ian Northcott BEM who is a Delivery Partner to Nordic Walking UK with the aim of creating “Exercise For Everyone”.  We have an instructor in Redditch, Elaine Griffiths who is an excellent member of the team adding value to our monthly membership package.  We have another fully qualified Nordic Walking Instructor, Pam Dunstone, who will be taking Learn To Nordic Walk Courses and her own walks in the Droitwich area. Adding more variety to Mercian Nordic Walking. In Hagley and Stourbridge we have Lesley Scott who will be offering gentle walks in those areas.

Ian is passionate that every human being is given the opportunity to achieve their potential.  Fitness goals can be achieved in a fun way in the best gym of all – the great outdoors!

All instructors and walk leaders have the passion and the personalities to deliver what you need and FUN is mandatory! 

Queens's Regt Memorial Woodland - check out and support this fantastic project, set in the stunning hills of Surrey supporting all ex servicemen and their families, Baxters Battlefield Tours fully supports this project. Below is their full mission statement -

Mission Statement From The Chairman Of The Queens's Regt Memorial Woodland For Fallen Servicemen

I purchased the land in Pasturewood Road, Holmbury St Mary, Dorking out of my own funds.

The Garden of Remembrance and woodland was created by volunteers with donations from local nurseries, bird feed merchants, construction companies and donations kindly made by visitors to the woodland. No funds have been received from any charitable or other organisations.

My desire was to create a garden of remembrance and a charity to help deserving ex-servicemen and women. Although I named the woodland in honour of my former Regiment it is for all services.

The Trustees and myself do not benefit in any way from the Charity. All funds are raised by holding fund raising events or from personal donation and all such monies go towards the purpose of the Charity.

Purpose and Charitable Objectives

To provide support to former service personnel, who are returning to civilian life, especially those suffering from PTSD caused by involvement in previous military conflicts.

To provide access to a place of solace and tranquillity for the use of those, current and former, service personnel and their families who may be traumatised or suffered a bereavement and need sanctuary or a place of reflection.

To provide a place for ex-service personnel, to meet and reflect or to be reunited with other ex-servicemen (QRMW has become to be known as ‘The Soldiers Surgery’) not a place of sadness but somewhere that helps relieve memories, current stresses of life and loneliness.

To be the ears to listen, a smile to show we care and offer the hand that says we will help. The woodland is also a place where services of Remembrance and those of Celebration are held.

To advance and promote knowledge and raise awareness to school children and organisations such as local Scout groups (who have camped in the woodland) about, including but not limited to the challenges faced by the personnel of the Armed Forces who have returned from conflict. To increase their knowledge of the history of 20th and 21st century armed conflict involving Britain and promote their awareness to the flora and fauna of the woodland habitat.

To provide a place where young people can obtain work experience at the memorial woodland that will enable them to gain knowledge and experience about gardening, nature, flora and fauna relevant to British woodlands and in a place of tranquillity and remembrance.

To expand and grow the network of woodlands available to current and former service personnel, across the UK, for the purposes stated above. It is also intended to give employment to ex-service personnel to manage additional sites as and when the network of woodlands is expanded.


To provide a place of solace for servicemen and/or their families to assist in the transition from service to civilian life.

To provide a place of tranquillity for those servicemen who may be traumatised where they can come to sit, walk and talk with like minded people.

To provide a place of reflection for a lost loved one. A place for those left behind and need the camaraderie of others in a similar situation.

To raise funds to assist/sponsor deserving servicemen and women who need to get back into work and fulfil a meaningful life.

To raise funds to assist deserving ex-servicemen and or their families when justified.

To provide a meeting place for ex-servicemen at times of special remembrance and battle honours.

To provide a place of learning for young children to visit on school trips and to learn about the services, the wars, wildlife, plants, fungi and woodland habitat.

To provide a place where young people can come for work experience enabling them to learn more about gardening, nature and to respect the woodland areas of Britain and to appreciate a place of tranquillity for those to remember the fallen.

To provide access to a woodland area that was formerly inaccessible to the public due to overgrowth.                                                                                                                            

KCS Ceramics - A brilliant family run antiques supplier, with goods for all tastes. Displaying at many shows around the country, your military or non military antique is just a click or visit away!

Dan England Design - We cannot recommend this company enough! They deal with all our artwork from web, logo, business cards, and letterhead designs! If a real personal, professional feeling to all your logo and company design artwork is what you want, then look no further!

Three Days In June by @jimmyocx3 - Please follow @jimmyocx3 via Twitter and use the below link to purchase his book "Three Days In June" the most in depth and vividly written account about 3 Para and their battle for Mount Longdon during the Falklands conflict in 1982. The book is written so well you feel as though you are in amongst the incoming salvos, taking the orders, moving with the guys, feeling the cold, their highs and their lows. We cannot recommend this book any more highly than we are! A real must read for anyone interested in military books or the Falklands conflict.

Victoria Cross Online - Mark Green - This is a "must" website for anyone interested in the history and recipients of the Victoria or George cross. It gives true and detailed information about the gallant men and women who have received these awards, including when available pictures of the recipient and or their resting place if they have departed. Marks knowledge and contacts on this subject is un paralleled, so if its the highest awards for gallantry that interest you then this site will be invaluable! It is to us!